Bridge Install

Non Tremolo                               $40.00

Tremolo                                       $60.00


Partial                                          $170.00

Full                                               $225.00

Polishing only                              $35.00

Levelling                                       $95.00

Re-Crowning                                $75.00

Instrument Repair

Types of repairs

All Repairs are done here in house unless otherwise noted. all repairs will not be performed unless you give the consent. Much care and attention to detail is given to each and every instrument that comes through our doors. 

Guitar and Bass set ups

Guitar 6-7 String             $60

Bass 4-6 String                $60

W/Floyd Rose          add $20


Pick up installation      1X          $40.00

                                      2X          $50.00

                                      3X          $60.00

Replace Pots                               $25.00

Replace Input Jack                     $20.00

Clean Electronics                       $15.00

Change Selector switch             $20.00

Complete Re-Wire          

                       Solid body            $60.00

                    Hollow body           $80.00

Routing for Pickups                   $40.00

Cavity Shielding                         $30.00

***Hollow bodies add $20.00


Strap Button Repair


Hardware Replacement

Drilling Required                        $35.00

No Drilling Required                  $15.00